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Body Oils Master List

Updated 12-19-2020



1 million  (Type)

1 Million Lucky (Type)

212 Carolina Herrera (Type)

Acqua di Gio  (Type)

Alfred Sung (Type)

Allure (Type)

Angel A-men (Type)

Aramis (Type)

Armani Code Sports (Type)

Armani Emporium Diamonds (Type)

Armani Night (Type)

Axe Touch (Type)

Azzaro Wanted (Type)  Popular!!!

Bad Boy (Type)

Be Delicious DKNY (Type)

Black Butter (Type)

Black Code (Type)

Black Ice  (Type)

Bleu de Chanel  (Type)

Blue Jeans Versace (Type)

Blue Ralph Lauren (Type) 

Bond No 9 New Harlem (Type)

Burberry Brit (Type)

Burberry London (Type)

Burberry Sport Ice (Type)

Burberry Touch (Type)

Burberry Weekend (Type)

Carolina Herrera (Type)

Chanel (Type)

Chrome Extreme (Type)

Chrome Legend (Type)

Chrome (Type)

Clive Christian X (Type)

Clive Christian 1872 (Type)

Cool Water in 2 The Ocean (Type) NEW!

Cool Water Game (Type)

Cool Water (Type)

Creed Imperial (Type)

Creed Royal Oud (Type)

Creed Mileseme (Type)

Creed Viking (Type)

Curve Kicks (Type)

Curve (Type)

Desire (Type)

Diesel (Type)

Dior Sauvage Very Cool (Type)  New!

Dolce & Gabbana (Type)

Dolce Gabbana Intense (Type)

D. Fresh (Type)  Top Pick!

Drakkar Noir (Type)

Dreamer Versace (Type)

Eau De Sauvage (Type)

Echo (Type)

Escape  (Type)

Eternity  (Type)

Euphoria (Type)

Fahrenheit  (Type)

Fleur Du Male (Type)

Givenchy Pour Homme (Type)

Green Irish Tweed  (Type)

Gucci Guilty (Type)

Gucci Guilty Black (Type)

Gucci Rush (Type)

Gucci Sport  (Type) New!

Hearts and Daggers E.H. (Type)

Hot Water (Type)

I am King S.J. (Type)

Invictus (Type)

Invictus Aqua (Type)

Issey Miyake Blue (Type)

Issey Miyake (Type)

JPG Ultra Male (Type)

L ‘Homme YSL(Type)

Le Male JPG (Type)

Lagerfeld (Type)

Light blue D&G (Type)

Love in Black Creed (Type)

Mandarina Duck Cool Black (Type)  Top Pick!

Mecca (Type)

Mont Blanc Legend  (Type)

Narcisco Rodriguez Black (Type)

New York Playboy (Type)

Obsession Night (Type)

Original Vetiver Creed (Type)

Oud Wood  T. Ford (Type)

Paco Rabbane (Type)

Paris Hilton (Type)

Paul Sebastian (Type)

Perry Ellis 360 Red (Type)

Perry Ellis 360 (Type)

Perry Ellis Night (Type)

Photo Lagerfeld (Type)

Pitbull Miami (Type)

Platinum Chanel (Type)

Polo Blue (Type)

Polo Black (Type)

Polo Double Black (Type)

Polo Red (Type)

Polo Supreme Oud (Type)

Phoenix (Type)  Big seller!

Prada Extreme (Type)

Rocawear 9IX (Type)

Red Carbon (Type)

Sexual Sugar Daddy (Type)

Spice bomb  (Type)

T Tommy Hilfiger (Type)

The One D&G (Type)

Tobacco Vanille T. Ford (Type)

Tobacco Oud T. Ford (Type)

T. Ford Grey Vetiver (Type)

T. Ford Oud Minerale (Type)

T. Ford Italian Cypress (Type)

T. Ford Extreme Noir (Type)

T. Ford Noir (Type)

T. Ford Tucscan Leather (Type)

T. Ford Ombre Leather (Type)

Tommy Hilfiger (Type)

True Religion (Type)

Unforgivable S. John (Type)

UK Special (Type)

Valentino Born in Roma Type (Type)

Versace Eros (Type)

Versace Pour Homme (Type)

Virgin Island Creed (Type)


Womens List updated 2/26/2014


5th Avenue  (Type)

Acqua Di Gio (Type)

Allure (Type)

Amarige (Type)

Angel  (Type)

Angel Muse (Type)  New!

Armani Code (Type)

Armani Night (Type)

Baby Grace (Type)

Baby Phat Goddess (Type)

Be Delicious  (Type)

Believe  (Type)

B. Wild Orchid (Type)

Bombshell V/S (Type)

Bombshell Night (Type)

Bond no 9 madison ave. (Type)

Born Wild E. Hardy (Type)

Bright Crystal Versace (Type)

Burberry Brit (Type)

Burberry Brit Gold (Type)

Burberry Touch (Type)

Burberry Weekend (Type)

Carolina Herrera (Type)

Cartier Vetiver Bleu (Type)

Casual  (Type)

Chanel # 19 (Type)

Chanel #5 (Type)

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre (Type)

Chanel Chance eau Vive (Type)

Coach Poppy Flower (Type)

Coach Poppy (Type)

Coach (Type)

Coco Chanel (Type)

Coco Mademoiselle (Type)

Couture Couture (Type)

Couture LaLa (Type)

Creed love in white (Type)

Crystal Gardenia Kim Kardashian (Type)

Daisy by M. J. (Type)

Dare Me Baby Phat (Type)

Diesel Plus (Type)

Dulce Gabbana (Type)

Dolce (Type) NEW!

Dreaming  Dulce Gabbana (Type) NEW!

Eau So Sexy Victoria Secret (Type)

Emporium Diamonds (Type)

Euphoria  (Type)

Fancy J. Simpson (Type)

Fantasy B. Spears (Type)

Forever Red BBW (Type)

Flower Bomb  (Type)

Forever Mariah Carey (Type)

French Kiss (Type)

Gold Sugar (Type)

Gucci Envy  (Type)

Gucci Gucci Bloom (Type)

Gucci Guilty  (Type)

Gucci II (Type)

Gucci Rush  (Type)

Gucci Rush II (Type)

Halle Berry (Type)

I am Juicy  (Type)

I’Dole D’Armani  (Type)

Issey Miyake (Type)

Jimmy Choo (Type)

Juicy Couture (Type)

Kim Kardashian (Type)

Knowing  (Type)

Light blue D & G (Type)

Live Luxe J. Lo (Type)

Lola M. J (Type)

Lollipop bling honey M. C. (Type)

Lollipop bling mine again M.C.  (Type)

Lollipop bling ribbon M. C. (Type)

Lost Cherry Tom Ford (Type)

Love Spell  (Type)

Lovely (Type)

Luscious Pink M. C.  (Type)

Madame JPG (Type)

Mercedes Benz (Type)

Miami Glow J. Lo (Type)

Mon Paris YSL (Type)

Narcisco Rodriguez Black (Type)

Notorious R. L.  (Type)

Nude (Type)

Paris Hilton (Type)

Peace Love & Juicy Couture (Type)

P. E. 360 Red (Type)

Pink Extreme (Type)

Pink Privacy (Type)   Popular!!!

Pink Sugar (Type) Big Seller!!!

Pleasures (Type)

Polo Red Extreme (Type)

Prada Candy (Type)

Prada Candy Floral (Type)

Preppy Princess  (Type)

Pure Orchid  (Type)

Ralph  (Type)

Ralph Hot  (Type)

Ralph Lauren  (Type)

Ralph Rocks  (Type)

Ralph Wild(Type)

Red door  (Type)

Ri Ri Rihana (Type)

Romance  (Type)

Rose the One D&G (Type)

Sexy Amber (Type)

Shakira (Type)

Sorbetto Rosso (Type)

Style R. L.  (Type)

Tease Paris Hilton (Type)

The Beat burberry (Type)

The One D&G (Type)

The One Lace D&G (Type)

T. F. Blood Orange (Type)

T. F.  Noir (Type)

Tropical Bouqet by: Extravagantfragrances (Type)

True Religion (Type)

Trini Girl (Type)

Vera Wang Princess (Type)

Very Hollywood (Type)

Viva La Juicy  (Type)

Warm Vanilla Sugar  (Type)

White Diamonds  (Type)



Unisex List updated 2/22/2014


24K Royal Musk (Type)

African Gold (Type)

Aloe Vera (Type)

Amber Musk (Type)

African Musk (Type)

Arabian Sandalwood (Type)

Arabian Jasmine (Type) New!

Arabian Opium (Type) 

Arabian White Musk (Type)

Baby Powder (Type)

Black Berry Musk (Type)

Black Musk (Type)

Black Love (Type)

Black Vanilla (Type)

Black Stone (Type)

Blue Nile (Type)   New and Improved!!!

Booty Call (Type)

Bond No 9 SOP (Type)

Bump N’ Grind (Type)

Butt Naked (Type)

China Musk (Type)

Chocolate (Type)

Inspired by Creed Sublime Vanilla (Type)

Coconut Mango (Type)  Big Seller!!!

Coco Mango (Type)

China Rain (Type)

Dark Amber (Type)

Darul Amber (Type)

Deep Love (Type)

Eat it Raw (Type)

Egyptian Amber (Type)

Egyptian Musk (Type) (THICK) #1 Seller!!!

Egyptian Musk Red (Type)

Egyptian Musk Superior (Type)

Egyptian Musk Super (Type) Big Seller!!! This is not the same as the thick egyptian musk but sells very well.

Extravagant One by: Extravagantfragrances (Type) Exclusive Scent

Frankincense & Myrrh (Type)  Sudanese

Frankincense & Myrrh Extra Strength (Type)  Old school hippy style

Firdaus (Type)

Golden Sand  (Type)

Gain (Type)

Honeynut Musk (Type)

Indian Sandalwood (Type)

Inspired by Creed White Amber (Type)

Japanese Cherry Blossom (Type)

John Paul G.  (Type)

Kenneth Cole Black (Type)

Kush (Type)

Latin Fantasy (Type)

Lavendar (Type)

Le Nuit de L' homme (Type)

Le Bateleur D&G (Type)

Lick Me All Over (Type)

Lion of Juddah (Type)

Love of Allah (Type)

Mecca (Type)

Mecca Musk Arabian (Type)

Mecca Gold Arabian (Type)

Nag Champa (Type)

Night Musk (Type)

Orange Blossom (Type)

Orange Jasmine (Type)

Patchouli Natural (Type)

Patti Labelle (Type)  Popular!!!

Peach (Type) New!

Pheromone (Type)

Plumeria BBW (Type)  Top Pick!

Rose (Type)

Rose Explosion  (Type) Popular!!!

Safa & Marwa (Type)  Top Pick!

Silver Mountain  (Type)

Somali Rose (Type)

Sweet Musk (Type)

Sex on the Beach Silk Panties (Type)

Strawberry (Type)

Tunisian Frankincense (Type)  Big Seller!!!

Tide (Type)

Vanilla Musk (Type)

White Musk (Type)

White Angel (Type)  

Watermelon (Type)


 Disclaimer: Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. Extravagant Fragrances has no affiliation with the manufacturer and/or designer of the original perfumes. Our interpretation of these fragrances is created through careful chemical analysis and reproduction. The purpose of this description is to give the customers an idea of scent character and it is not intended to mislead or confuse the customer. It is not our intention to infringe on the manufacturers and/or designer's name and valuable trademark. We do not represent our products to be original nor do we represent them to be exact copies. Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison. This web listing has no affiliation to and is not associated or sponsored by any of these trademark owners. This web listing allows customers to compare prices, style, and quality of the designer’s brand products to Extravagant Fragrances products. It’s important to note that our fragrances are perfume oils and not original perfumes or colognes.










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